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  • About Us !

    Rael Morgen Enterprises is an exclusive IT organization that deals with information technology ; this means we build computers to customer satisfaction and as well we distribute many computer consumables and accessories.We also offer services in computer software engineering , upgrades and installations.

    Rael Morgen services computers as well . Our success is anchored on the implementation of the latest breakthrough in information technologies that serves us money and getting me and you up and running quicker and smarter.

    Since we resumed operations we have realized a better market share within our locality and a better market and a better and a better market share within our local market and beyond. We have managed to offer an exciting range of products and services.


    Rael Morgen Enterprises offers comprehensive products and services of high quality , efficiently and well managed. We have made it a policy that our products and services are dependable and classy. This means that we adhere to contactable obligations. All services and products are perfectly delivered by our team whose contract is professional and posses integrity , technical expertise , transparency , co-operation , fairness and as well as excellence.

    We have teams that work through the organizational structure set to avoid confusion and disruption of smooth flow of information within and outside the organization. We have invested a lot in good interpersonal culture , which has resulted in quick responsiveness and recognition of cultural diversity. We put in place a cost least mechanization that seeks to better our service provisions as well as our products.